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Florida Blue

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  • Medicare Supplements for members not interested in an MD /Hospital network, (desires full control and freedom) 10 plans to offer based on member’s needs and financial state. Members can add optional fitness club membership for $29.00 per month.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: PDP: (Prescription Coverage, tag on to a Medicare Supplement.)
  • RPPO: Regional PPO servicing the State of Florida including 37 other States where members can travel and received care as if home using the nationwide Medicare Advantage Network.
  • HMO: Several Options with different array of benefits based on Counties.
  • DSNP: Available for members with dual enrollment into Medicare and Medicaid. (applies to select counties)
  • FYI: (The advantage plans are enhanced with extra benefits: Healthy Blue Rewards, Silver Sneakers, Dental, Vision, Hearing Aids, Over the Counter items, and Transportation (These benefits are dependent of county and Plan, check your Medicare Matrix for full details)
  • Drug Formularies are available for each Advantage Plan and can be found in Access Blue under the Medicare Toolkit.
  • Medicare Providers: Log into Access Blue and go to the “provider search link” You will need MD last name, Zip code and MD specialty,
  • If looking for a new doctor, make sure you select “accepting new members”

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