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U65 Individuals and Family


  • Determine client scenario: how many people, do they currently have coverage, are they eligible for a subsidy, do they have a doc they must keep, do they need benefits outside Florida?? You need all this info to target the right course and plans
  • Use Access Blue to run quotes with subsidies before going to and screen share if possible to keep the client interested and focused. Email if needed.
  • Discuss the differences among the networks, explain certain terminology and give examples for better understanding.
  • Offer to upload inconsistent documents for the client. Make yourself indispensable.
  • Marketplace: Have client term their own policy, remember all changes must be done on, and they forward to Blue.

Marketplace Training Video: How to Handle Challenging or Unique Consumer Situations During the Upcoming Open Enrollment Period

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Marketplace News: IRS Final Rule Regarding Affordability of Employer Coverage for Family Members of Employees

CMS – Affordability of Employer Coverage for Family Members of Employees: “Fixing the Family Glitch”