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Individual Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance from Florida Blue

Florida Blue is the #1 Dental Network in Florida!

Our Copay and Choice PPO dental networks lead the industry as the #1 and #2 in effective discounts in Florida, providing your clients the dental networks that save them the most money.

The most important measure of a network

Discounts only matter if members use the dentists in a network! Quality dentists lead to higher utilization. Effective discounts incorporate this utilization to show how much your clients will actually save.

The Power Behind Florida Blue’s Smarter Network

Florida Blue ensures that we have the right number of the right dentists – at the right discounts. This means that consumers and employers will pay less by using our high quality, in-network dentists compared to the lower network utilization rates of other carriers.

For more information, view the brochure.

Can Healthy Gums Protect Your Whole Body?

Yes, and Florida Blue is Offering More Benefits to You

Dental health can influence conditions such as diabetes, oral cancer, coronary artery disease, low birth weight and premature babies. A relationship exists between a healthy mouth and overall good health. That means it’s important for you to get regular preventive dental care to help maintain your good oral health and overall health. The condition-specific benefits of our Oral Health for Overall Health program include:

  • Delivering an oral health education campaign to members, providers and employers.
  • Providing condition-specific education to members explaining the effects diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer and pregnancy can have on oral health and overall health.
  • Working with members who are not actively maintaining their oral health, through focused communication that encourages members to see their dentist.
  • Removing financial barriers through Enhanced Dental Benefits, a program that provides at risk members with condition-specific benefits beyond their dental benefits.
    • No copayments or coinsurance
    • No deductible
    • Additional benefits that are covered outside the annual maximum

Consider the research

A two-year study by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine found that you can reduce annual medical costs with early periodontal treatment by:

  • 9% for patients with diabetes.
  • 16% for patients with heart disease.

For more information, view the brochure.

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