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This page is for the sole use of Murray Insurance Agents and all information herein is proprietary and may not be used without the written permission of a director of Murray Insurance Agency.


Florida Blue Group Materials

For assistance with group SALES – Call or email Nancy – – 407-489-2334

For assistance with group CENSUS – QUOTING – ENROLLMENT – ONGOING SERVICE – RENEWALS – Call or email ROGERS BENEFITS GROUP – 407-296-3444. See Attachment for more detailed information.


  • Groups must be set up in FL.  Florida Blue requires groups headquarters to be in FL, the TAX ID must be shown to be a FL corporation. Go to and search by their tax ID number.
  • Involve Nancy in a call whenever their eligibility is questionable as each question may lead to another question and another…a great question to ask when a group is talking about how many employees they have in different states, etc:  What address does your latest RT-6 have on it?  How many employees show on that RT-6?
  • Out of State employees must always choose a PPO (FB) or NPOS (Humana) or INS (UHC) product!  To confuse matters, the FB Select plan which is labeled as a PPO is NOT available for OOS employees.
    • CENSUS-2020 – Note that there are two tabs at the bottom, please complete the first tab by asking your client the appropriate questions and complete as much as you can.  Each answer can lead to a red flag or another question so please complete as much as possible.
      • Supporting documentation – If the group has current coverage please ask for copies of the plan designs, most recent renewal and a current invoice.  If they have an upcoming renewal and give you a copy, get an invoice as well so we can see how good or bad the renewal is.  This allows us to evaluate the plans and provide relevant alternates.
      • Always ask questions – if they have current coverage, what do they like about their current coverage (carrier, agent(?), etc.) what would hey change or dislike.
    • AOR  – If the group has coverage and would like you to help get alternates and evaluate their renewal offerings, let them know you cannot request alternates from their carrier unless you are the Agent of Record.  The attached AOR is for Florida Blue, there is a separate one for UHC, the other carriers will allow just a generic request.


Top 5 Reasons to Consider Health Insurance - Group Flyer

– Front office support and reception
– Assists with Faxing and Scanning of documents
– Oversees meeting/seminars/scheduled events etc.
– Coordinates assembly of materials needed for events
– Monitors all equipment and materials going to Agents

– Commission reconciliation questions – send email with reconciliation form request

– New Group Sales – all questions/assistance/in field training with NEW Group sales
– NO Referrals assistance – reach out to Rogers Benefit Group

– Business Development ideas
– Financial issues – not related to Commissions
– Escalation of Issues not being taken care of in a timely matter

– Advice on any Marketing Events and Community Outreach
– Content of Email, Mail and Text campaign
– Coordinates all Social Media activity

– Initial venture in to outside/inside Sales – one-on-one and classroom training
– In Field Support – need a colleague to join you on a Sales call to teach/support your activity
– Available for questions on most situations that may arise with a Sale of any product.